Michael Gardner's Nuclear Physics Domain


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      Contact Information

  • Michael D. Gardner
  • Graduate Student
  • Office: Physics 395
  • Email

  • Department of Physics
  • University of California
  • One Shields Ave.
  • Davis, CA 95616

About Me

I am a fourth year graduate student at the University of California, Davis working as part of the nuclear group with Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez. While a Teacher's Assistant, I was a TA for the Physics 7 Series courses, as well as a TA for the Physics 9 Series.

Educational experience

After graduating High School from Rosslyn Academy, I went to Westmont College in Santa Barbara. While there, I double majored in Physics and Computer Science and minored in Mathematics. While there, I also played on the Westmont Rugby Team.

Physics 7A TA in Fall 2009:

  • 7A_Section_08_Fall_09.pdf
  • Physics 7A TA in Winter 2010:

  • 7A_Section_04_Winter_10.pdf
  • 7A_Section_03_Winter_10.pdf
  • Physics 7A TA in Spring 2010:

  • 7A_Section_04_Spring_10.pdf
  • 7A_Section_03_Spring_10.pdf
  • Physics 7A TA in Summer Section II:

  • 7A_Section_22_Summer_II_10.pdf
  • Physics 7B TA in Fall 2010:

  • 7B Section_11_Fall_10.pdf
  • 7B Section_02_Fall_10.pdf
  • Physics 7B TA in Winter 2011:

  • 7C_Section_09_Winter_11.pdf
  • 7C_Section_08_Winter_11.pdf
  • Physics 9A TA in Spring 2011:

  • 9B_Section_017_Spring_11.pdf
  • 9B_Section_016_Spring_11.pdf
  • 9B_Section_007_Spring_11.pdf
  • 9B_Section_006_Spring_11.pdf
  • Was on GSR, Summer 2011 and Fall 2011.

    Mechanics (Physics 105 B) in Winter 2012.

    Was on GSR, Spring 2012, Summer 2012 and was in Geneva for Fall 2012, Winter, Spring and Summer 2013.

    Physics 9B TA in Fall 2013:

  • 9B_Section_A01_Fall_13.pdf
  • 9B_Section_A02_Fall_13.pdf
  • 9B_Section_A03_Fall_13.pdf
  • 9B_Section_D06_Fall_13.pdf
  • I was then Head TA for Physics 7B in Winter 2014.

  • 7A_Section_A01_Winter_14.pdf
  • 7A_Section_B01_Winter_14.pdf Includes some pretty good jokes by one of my students at the end.
  • Then I was Head TA for Physics 7A in Spring 2014.