Research: Thomas D. Gutierrez

Publications, eprints, and works in progress

`` Distinguishing between Dirac and Majorana Neutrinos with Two-Particle Interferometry (nucl-th/0510069),'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 121802 (2006).

``Pion Interferometry from dA and pp Collisions at STAR" (QM2004 poster writeup)

``Intensity Interferometry with Anyons (quant-ph/0308046)'' and Physical Review A 69, 063614, 2004
and Virtual Journal of Quantum Information


``Visualizing the phonon wave function," Scott C. Johnson and Thomas D. Gutierrez, American Journal of Physics, Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 227-237, March 2002

``Higher twist contributions to charm and light gluino production", Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Davis, pdf or ps formats -- finished, signed, and submitted 042000.

``Doomsday Fears at RHIC," Thomas D. Gutierrez, Skeptical Inquirer Vol. 24 Issue 3 pp.29-33 (May 2000). CSICOP

`` The Measurement and Modeling of Carbon Isotope Fractionation During Thermal Degassing of Magnesium Oxide," Master's thesis, San Jose State University, finished, signed, and submitted Aug. 1994.

``An Overview of Isotopic Analysis Using Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry," T.B. Sauke, J.F. Becker, M. Loewenstein, T.D. Gutierrez, C.G. Bratton, Spectroscopy, Vol. 9 p. 34 (1994).

``Improved Stable Isotope Laser Spectrometer and its Application to Soil Analysis,"
J.F. Becker, T.B. Sauke, T.D. Gutierrez, C.G. Bratton, Novel Laser Sources and Applications (J. Becker, J. Gruber, and L. Lam, eds. SPIE Publ., Bellingham, 1994).

Recent Public Talks

"Ghostly Heat: understanding neutrinos through calorimetry," [pdf][ppt]: Cal Poly, Feb 2006 (originally delivered in keynote, so ppt may be distorted).

"From Cuoricino to CUORE: Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Measurements with TeO_2 Bolometers" [pdf][ppt]: APS/JPS DNP Workshop in Maui, Hawaii September 18, 2005 (originally delivered in keynote, but converted to pdf and ppt; please contact me for the full keynote version).

"Probing the Quantum Nature of the Neutrino Using Two-Particle Interferometry" [pdf] [ppt] : APS/JPS DNP parallel talk in Maui, Hawaii given Sept 21, 2005 (originally in keynote and converted to pdf; contact me for full keynote or ppt version as some equations are distored for some pdf readers).

Pion Inteferometry from pp Collisions at 200 GeV from STAR (ppt): a seminar given at UC Davis in April of 2003.

Measuring the Size of Proton-Proton Collisions (ppt): a talk given at Sonoma State University Nov. 25, 2002 as part of their What Physicists Do series.

Pion HBT from pp Collisions at STAR (ppt): a talk given at the APS DNP Meeting at MSU October 2002.

Intrinsic Gluino Contributions to R-Hadron Phenomenology (html): UCD Nuclear Group Talk Jan 6, 2000 based on dissertation work.

STAR presentations (protected)

STAR Analysis Meeting, June 6, 2003 (ppt)(protected)
STAR Collaboration Meeting Mar. 1, 2003 (ppt)(protected)

STAR HBT PWG talks (protected)

Protected STAR HBT area for /gutierrez
Sept 3, 2003 HBT PWG phone meeting (html) (protected): kt dependence comparison AuAu dAu pp (also see Zibi's area)
July 30, 2003 HBT PWG phone meeting (html) (protected): kt dependence, finer binning and fit range systematics
July 3, 2003 SPIN PWG phone meeting (html) (protected):
June 26, 2003 HBT phone meeting follow up to 062503 (html)(protected)
June 25, 2003 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)
June 18, 2003 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)
April 10, 2003 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)
Mar. 13, 2003 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)
Feb. 06, 2003 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)
Jan 16, 2003 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)
Oct. 03, 2002 HBT phone meeting (html)(protected)

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