Nuclear Physics Group


CMS Experimental Hall

Chad Flores in the CMS cavern during maintenance before resuming operations and collecting data for the November 2015 PbPb run at 5.02 TeV.

NPG at top of Castle Peak

Hiking in the Sierras, August 2014.

NPG at Cold Canyon

Hiking in Stebbins Cold Canyon near Lake Berryessa, August, 2014.

NPG at Taqueria Davis

Part of the group out for Mexican food, July 2014.


The group having a BBQ at Slide Hill Park. We were joined by Robert Vertesi, visiting from the Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences. October 2013.

MTD Installation

Anthony Kesich at STAR, installing modules of the Muon Telescope Detector. September 2013.

CMS Cavern

Michael Gardner in front of the CMS detector at CERN during the Long Shutdown 1. June, 2013.

DTA Ceremony

Chris, Samantha, Daniel, Manuel, Rylan, Juan, Vincent, Todd. May, 2013.

Nuclear Group at Quark Matter

Sevil, Jorge, Rylan, Anthony, Manuel, Guillermo. Bot: Rosi, Evan, Daniel. September, 2012.

Nuclear Group in STAR

Manuel Calderón de la Barca, Samantha Brovko, Evan Sangaline, Anthony Kesich, Drew Peterson, Kamilla, Greg Wimsatt, Chris Flores, Jana, Kurt Hill. April, 2012.

Rylan at CERN

Rylan Conway on one of the superconducting dipole magnet sections that are used for the LHC, next to the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation.

CMS Center

Guillermo Breto Rangel, Jorge Robles, Manuel Calderón de la Barca, Michael Gardner, and Rylan Conway during the Pb+Pb data-taking run at the LHC. November, 2011

STAR Control Room

Two shift crews with members of UCD nuclear group, and many friends from other institues and countries. April, 2011.

UCD Campus

(Top, L to R): Evan, Manuel, Guillermo, Jim Draper, and Jorge. (Bot., L to R): Kurt, Fiona, Michael, Sevil, Anthony, Rosi, Daniel, and Samantha. 3/Feb/2011


Sevil Salur, Evan Sangaline, Rylan Conway, Michael Gardner, Anthony Kesich, and Amanda Kesich. May 2010.

Nuclear Group, Summer 2008

Physics Building

L to R: Haidong Liu, Juan Romero, Matt Caulfield, Adam Burton, Paul Brady, Rosi Reed, Jim Draper, Brooke Haag, Daniel Cebra, Debasish Das, Manuel Calderón de la Barca and Jorge Robles. July 23, 2008