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QUARTER: Spring 2012

LECTURES: 416 Physics MW 08:30 to 09:50

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Cebra, 387A Phys, 752-4592, H 758-1213,

Guillermo Breto-Rangel, 393Phys,

TEXT: Classical Electrodynamics, John David Jackson. This quarter we will cover chapters 6 through 15 (omitting many topics).

HOMEWORK: Homework should be turned in on Monday morning. Students are encouraged to discuss the problems with other students in the class, however directly copying solutions is not acceptable. Use of solution sets, either published or copied from previous years, is not acceptable.

Lectures: A directory of lectures by topic can be found here. This directory includes topics that would have been covered in 200B and extra topics that were covered in previous years. The lectures that are covered in this quarter are linked on the syllabus page by date.

MIDTERM EXAM: Monday May 7th. The exams are closed book and closed note. All work should be shown explicitly - credit will not be given for the final answer alone. (Old Exams)

FINAL EXAM: Thursday 14-Jun-2012 3:30 PM 6:30 PM Room 416 Phys

GRADE DETERMINATION: 25% Homework, 25% Midterm, 50% Final Exam

Cebra: Friday 10:00-11:00 AM, room 387A Phys (or 395 if necessary).
Breto-Rangel: by appointment


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