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QUARTER: Spring 2002

LECTURES: 148 PhysGeo, TR 3:10 to 4:30

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Cebra, 519 P/G, 752-4592, H 758-1213,

GRADER: Yong-Seon Song, 509 P/G, 752-5780

TEXT: Introductary Nuclear Physics, 2nd edition Samuel S.M. Wong. Reading assignments are listed in the syllabus. This quarter we will cover the entire book.

HOMEWORK: Homework will be collected on Tuesdays. Students are encouraged to discuss the problems with other students in the class, however the directly copying solutions is not acceptable. Use of solution sets, either published or copied from previous years, is not acceptable.


PRESENTATIONS: We will be reading current literature during this quarter. Each Student is expected to make two presentations during the course of the quarter. Presentations will be on Tuesdays.

FINAL EXAM: (Code T) Thursday, 13-June 4:00-6:00 PM

GRADE DETERMINATION: 20% Homework, 40% Presentations, 40% Final Exam

SOLUTIONS: The solutions to the homeworks will be posted outside the instructor's office.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday 11:00-noon (Cebra), 3:00-4:00 (Yong-Seon )

Last update: 01-Apr-2002.

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