Ab Primis Principiis is latin for "from first principles", which really overstates both the quality and philosophy of my photos below. The intention was to have a meaningful "artful" photo gallery online, mostly filled with some of my old-school SLR photos of yore. However, in September of 2004, I broke down and bought a Sony P100 digital camera. It is small, configurable, and fun: perfect to bring anywhere and everywhere. So I do. Now I take far too many photos. What the hell, memory and disk space are cheap and easy (unlike photo paper, film processing, and scanning). I'm still organizing and they currently lack meaningful commentary, but they are set most recent to least by season, month and/or trip/theme. Enjoy.
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Spring 2006
April 2006
Gran Sasso Spring 2006 (1)
Winter 2006
Fall 2005

Holiday open house
Nov 2005 set one
U2 (Oakland) Nov 9, 2005
Oct 2005
Chicago Oct 2005
Vermont Oct 2005
DNP Maui Sept 2005
Gran Sasso Sept 2005

("Horror At Gran Sasso" is a fun computer game project I'm doing with my brother Leo Gutierrez; some of those pictures may be repeats from previous trips)
Horror At Gran Sasso 2005 (Game Dev: faces)
Horror At Gran Sasso 2005 (Game Dev: interior)
Horror At Gran Sasso 2005 (Game Dev: exterior)
Horror At Gran Sasso 2005 (Game Dev: props)
Horror At Gran Sasso 2005 (Game Dev: signs)

Summer 2005

August 2005
July 2005
June 2005

Spring 2005

May 2005
April 2005
March 2005

Italy Feb 2005

Milan/Gran Sasso Feb 2005
Campo Imperatore Feb 2005
Gran Sasso Feb 2005
Gran Sasso Feb 2005
Gran Sasso/Rome Feb 2005
Paganica Feb 2005
Remove Cryostat Sala C Feb 2005

January 2005
Fall/Winter 2004

New Years Dec 2004
Dec 2004
Xmas Klays
Xmas/Quest Gutierrez
Thanksgiving 2004
Nov 2004
Halloween Oct 2004
Halloween SJ Oct 2004
Oct 2004 II
Oct 2004 I
DNP Chicago Oct 2004
Chicago Oct 2004
Chicago Zeke Oct 2004

Italy Sept 2004

Milan Sept 2004
Milan Collaboration Meeting Sept 2004
Gran Sasso Sept 2004
More Gran Sasso Sept 2004
Rome Sept 2004
Under Gran Sasso Sept 2004

Older Photos

Munich Photos Summer 2000
Misc Photos pre-2000

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