BNL on-site network guide

this page may not be updated regularly. for official guide, go to STAR computing page

Open Network preference:

Open Network preference. Set up a new config. Call it "BNL dorm." Set it to use Built-in Ethernet, and Configure "Using DHCP." That's all you need, the rest is automatic.

Check the Proxies tab, Make sure the proxy is disabled for everything (the default).
Another location will be called "BNL." Here also set it to use DHCP. In addition to standard network cables, the office areas in Bldg 902B have wireless connection, so you can either use DHCP via Built-in Ethernet, or Airport if you have it. You need a password to get on wireless network, see this page for details. Use the WEP key as password, by putting a dollar sign ("$") in front and remove the spaces.

Click the Proxies tab, here you need to turn proxy servers on. See the image below. In the box "Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains:", enter four addresses: *,, 192.168*, 130.199*

Save changes, you are ready to get online.

If you use fink, you must configure proxy manually. open a terminal, type

fink configure

and enter the http proxy as and use the same for ftp. When asked if you want to use Passive mode, answer No.

proxy setup

Mar 2005 updated: now the control room (1006) have wireless network named 'bnlexternal.' To use, just set network to DHCP dorm setting. The IP address will be automatically assigned. Don't have to worry about setting up proxy server either.
physics building:

here you can use the same setting as dorm (DHCP).