Jack Osborne's Home Page

University of California at Davis
Physics Department
Davis, CA 95616

Email: osborne@physics.ucdavis.edu

Welcome to my homepage! I received my Ph.D. in experimental nuclear physics in 1995 from U.C.Davis. My dissertation experiment was performed at WNR at LAMPF at Los Alamos National Laboratory. My dissertation was entitled "Measurement of Neutron Elastic Scattering Cross Sections for 12C, 40Ca, and 208Pb at Energies from 52.5 MeV to 225 MeV with Angles from 7 to 23 degrees"

Currently I am working with the U.C. Davis High Energy Physics Group investigating possible triggers to isolate events with two tau particles for the CDFII experiment at Fermilab.

The web pages for my previous courses can be found here.

In a previous incarnation I was ET2(SS) "Oz" Osborne aboard the nuclear submarine USS Flasher - SSN613 (pictured below off Diamond Head).

My favorite recreational activities include playing games and reading books. The picture below comes from one of my favorite games Iron Dragon.